Class Notes

Rob Pringle

(MSc International Business 2016)

Since graduating from the Business School, I moved to Shanghai
to work at an entertainment marketing company. From working in the influencer marketing field I developed an idea for an influencer affiliate marketing tech start-up. I returned to the UK in 2018 to work on the business, secured seed funding and launched the platform, called Kinsume. We’ve penned a commercial partnership with one of the largest international affiliate networks to expand our operations globally. We also hope to help the world through our CSR tree planting programme.

Kinjal Shah

(MA Advertising and Marketing 2016)

It’s quite rare for people in an agency to abandon their expertise and move
to something completely new but it is often the greatest learning of all. A year ago I moved my expertise from client servicing to account planning. I recently joined Publicis Worldwide as a Brand Strategy Associate. Here, I provide strategic counsel in digital shopper solutions. While retail and shopper marketing is still at a nascent stage in India, I am proud to be at the forefront, evolving mindsets and creating an ecosystem of conscious buying.

Tasneem Binte Morshed

(MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy 2018)

After completing my Masters I successfully managed to fulfil my childhood dream to be an academician. Currently, I am working as a full-time lecturer at my desired place, North South University, a top ranked private university in Bangladesh. I feel proud
to join the academic world as it is a platform to explore real-life research and of course, a fundamental route to get a PhD degree in near future. Reach me at: tasneemtasfiyah@gmail.com

Sherly Fen

(MA Corporate Communications Marketing and Public Relations 2017)

Prior to moving to Leeds, I was working for one of the biggest publicly listed energy companies in Indonesia, Medco Energi. In 2016, I took a year of unpaid leave to complete my Masters degree. After needing a change, I moved roles in September 2019 and I have been happily working in Corporate Marketing and Communication at Hendrix Genetics B.V Netherland, The HQ of leading multi-species animal breeding and genetics company operating in 25 countries.

Dr Yang Xia

(Economics and Management 2013, MSc Sustainability 2014)

After graduating, I moved to the School of Earth and the Environmental to study for my Masters, followed by PhD study in Ecological Economics at the University of East Anglia. Since I obtained my PhD degree in 2017, I started serving to SpringerNature, a world-leading scientific journal which is based in London. I have been working for the company for more than 1.5 years as the first environmental social science editor at the journal, Nature Communications. I am keen on any work relating to scientific communications and any potential opportunities in the future to visit Leeds and help the voice of the economists at the department to be heard by the world.

Kelly Hall

(International Business 2018)

I am a Finance Analyst (current role in Treasury). 2019 saw me spend the year living and working in Belgium in my first job since graduating. I never imagined I would move abroad on my own, especially so soon after finding my independence at University – but look at me now!

Aaryav Gupta

(PGDip International Business 2015)

In 2015 I came back to India and joined my family business of Logistics. My father started this business 25 years ago and has grown the company in size, now employing 500 People.

The biggest challenge that I faced was changing the culture and placing myself in a position where the team would work in synergy with my ideas and strategies. I then realised that I needed to start understanding each and every department and the individuals working there – their needs, problems, challenges – and then work along with them to improve. This helped create a better rapport with the team and enabled me to think more practically for framing future strategies.

I wanted to share this as lot of people like me after graduating from good universities join family businesses, which might not be so professional. So the thing to keep in mind is to avoid implementing the policies and frameworks studied and get into the structure first, which helps you design and mould the learnings to give better results.

Liza Kellett

(MA Work-based learning 1998)

Back in Leeds after 10 years running the Community Foundation in Wales (with an honorary doctorate for services to philanthropy from Cardiff Metropolitan University), my Trustees and I are celebrating the second anniversary of Trust Leeds: a small, local charity inspired by Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammed Yunus. We’re building a network helping people to enterprise their way out of poverty. Although we also address the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and manifest Leeds City Council’s financial inclusion strategy, we’re working at the neighbourhood end of the spectrum – one person at a time.

Flavio E. N. Hegenberg

(PhD Business and Economics Studies 2001)

After finishing my PhD I moved back to Brazil. While living in the UK I married a British NHS Dietitian, Vivienne. We had two British-Brazilian boys (product of globalisation)! In Brazil I have worked as a Geologist, as a Lecturer and also as a Museum Curator. I am now in a “transition period” considering new challenges! Please contact me if you have ideas regarding what I could do in England or Wales. Thanks. flavio.leeds@gmail.com

Jane Walkley

(PG Cert Work Based Learning 2004)

I used the credits from my qualification to access an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts Uni some years later in 2017. I’m now exhibiting on a national level and have my own studio space at Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley. I had my first solo exhibition in York in October 2019. I’ve won a business support and mentorship award to set up my own business to run alongside my fine art practice. 2020 is looking promising with a number of exhibitions in the diary. As well as workshops running from my studio I have been invited to deliver a talk and workshop at UCLan in January. I continue to work in the Student Education Service maintaining what my tutor refers to as a portfolio career! I’d probably just refer to it a juggling act. I didn’t complete my UG degree so apart from the Business School igniting a love of learning, it also gave me the credits needed to reconnect with the arts.

Shirley (Xiaoling) Xu

(Accounting and Finance 2007)

Since graduating, I moved back to China for two years before moving to Hong Kong. I’ve been living and working there ever since. I got married in 2014 and now I’m an Executive Director looking after overseas business for a Chinese investment bank. This year I also decided to take up the challenge to pursue a part-time EMBA degree whilst working.