Events Round Up

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15 January 2019

How you can contribute to a purposeful world


January 2019

Alumni Tour in China with Tony Byng

Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China

19 January 2019

Alumni Reception and Lecture in Tokyo with Magnus Holtmann

Tokyo, Japan

31 January 2019

Corporate Wisdom Lecture: The Future of the Corporation

Leeds, UK

14 February 2019

Bring your Data Alive to Have More Impact Online

Leeds, UK

15 February 2019

Alumni Event in Taiwan with Richard Tunstall

Taipei, Taiwan

17 February 2019

Alumni Event in Bangkok with Richard Tunstall

Bangkok, Thailand

01 March 2019

Alumni Event in Greece with Lynn Pattison

Athens, Greece

07 March 2019

Career Insights: Building Successful Careers in Mainland China and Hong Kong (SAR)


13 March 2019

Festival of Ideas

Leeds, UK

March 2019

Alumni Tour in India with Gary Dymski

Leeds, UK

08 May 2019

Corporate Wisdom Lecture: Digital Disruption

Leeds, UK

14 May 2019

How to Gain a Competitive Edge


15 May 2019

Alumni Event in London with Jana Javornik

London, UK

20 May 2019

AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference

Buenos Aires, Argentina

25 May 2019

Alumni Panel Event in Lagos – Life After Leeds

Lagos, Nigeria

13 June 2019

How to Be a Daily Radical


04 July 2019

How to Use Humour in Business Presentations


08 July 2019

PRME Regional Chapter UK and Ireland, 6th Annual Conference

Leeds, UK

23 July 2019

Summer Graduation

Leeds, UK

17 October 2019

The Art of Influence


12 November 2019

How to Take Charge of Your Career


19-20 December 2019

Winter Graduation

Leeds, UK